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Aimin Liang

Aimin Liang, male, was born in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1962. Mr. Liang is a professor-level senior engineer and a senior expert in the field of petrochemical industry of China Petrochemical Corporation. At present Mr. Liang holds the position of director of National Engineering Research Center for Synthesis of Novel Rubber and Plastic Materials, director of National Quality Supervision & Test Center of Petrochemical Organic Materials and Synthetic Resins and director of Key Laboratory of Synthetic Rubber New Technology Development of SINOPEC. Mr. Liang holds a concurrent post of president of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association and works as a member of council or committee member of 6 academic societies. Mr. Liang also serves as a vice chief editor of “China Synthetic Resin and Plastics” and “Petrochemical Industry Technology” and an editorial board member of several periodicals, including “Modern Chemical Industry” and “China Synthetic Rubber Industry”.

Mr. Liang graduated from Dalian University of Technology in 1984, majored in polymer chemical engineering. Since then, Mr. Liang was involved in technical development of synthetic rubber and technical management of Research Institute of SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company. Mr. Liang served successively as director of synthetic rubber research department, general engineer, deputy president and president of Research Institute of SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company. In April 2010, the research institute was incorporated into SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry (BRICI) and became a part of the latter, renamed as Yanshan Branch of BRICI. Mr. Liang served as Assistant to the President of SINOPEC BRICI and at the same time, as General Engineer and President of Yanshan Branch of BRICI. He is the vice-president of Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry.

With Mr. Liang’s participation and/or leadership, the integrated technologies of styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer, solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber, brominated butyl rubber and polyisoprene rubber, etc. were developed successively and industrialized successfully during the last more than 3 decades. So far, Mr. Liang has acquired 1 items of second prize of National Technology Invention, 8 items of provincial , 106 items of invention patens and ministerial level Scientific and Technological Progress Awards and published dozens of scientific research papers. Mr. Liang is one of the inventors of 36 patents granted by China or foreign patent administrative authorities. Mr. Liang is a winner of special government allowance issued by State Council of China and the title of Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

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